Floating World Music w/ Bass Clef



Bass Clef presents Floating World Music: a story told with records and tapes and words. A monthly dive into an abyss of music and non-music. A Nonesuch Explorer series for the 21st century.

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  • Angus Mc Laurin Glass Music-Fugue
  • Holger Czukay-On The Way To The Peak Of Normal
  • Chris Hinze-Flood Of Karma
  • Snorkel-Unknown
  • Street Sound New Africa-Toure Kunda
  • Umoja-12 O'clock Midnight
  • Grupo Afrocubano Oba Ilu-Chango
  • Grandes Heures Liturgiques À Notre Dame De Paris-Le Bourdon
  • Bass Clef-U & Y
  • Matmos-Freak N You
  • Bass Clef & Frak-Bad Trip
  • Anna Domino-With The Day Comes The Dawn
  • Sarwar Sabri-Dadra
  • Dale Cornish-Xeric Pattern 5
  • Handel-Suite In D Minor
  • The Ace Of Cups-Music
  • Some Truths-Golden Rose The Colour Of A Dream I Had
  • Maher Shalal Hash Baz-Open Field
  • Sebastian Melmoth-Prosopagnosia (Bass Clef Remix)