Bass Clef (Cassette Only Broadcast)



Bass Clef presents Floating World Music: a story told with records and tapes and words. A monthly dive into an abyss of music and non-music. A Nonesuch Explorer series for the 21st century.

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  • Dune Der Wusternplanet-Prologue
  • Driouchi Mohamed-Unknown
  • Arkan Fouad-Naem Naem
  • Two Tongue Tales-Samba
  • Music From Twin Peaks-Love Theme From Twin Peaks
  • Norris Da Boss Windsor-Unknown
  • Orson Welles-War Of The Worlds
  • Kreasi Gong Pindha & Gladag-Kreasi Putra Yasa
  • Derbouka-Unknown
  • Wolves In Yellowstone-Side 1
  • Ama'lia Rodrigues-A Minha Cançāo Ė Saudade
  • Barbara Bradford-Intonation In Context
  • Fairuz-Unknown
  • Sea Of Tranquillity-Unknown
  • Gremlins-Audio Book Read By Tom Baker
  • Pirate Radio Recording-Unknown
  • Jungle Fever 2 DJ Raf-Kach Diyan Wangan
  • Marsimha-I Live For You
  • A.R. Rahman-Tanha Tahna
  • Sharmachord & Lila-Jai Guru Dev
  • Bhundu Boys-My Foolish Heart
  • Overbeck's Polyphon-The Holy City
  • Robert-V. Balsa-Piano Raags + Taals
  • Muktananda & Group-Om Namah Shivaya
  • Unknown-Sermon
  • Enchanted Carols-Unknown
  • Pirate Radio Recording-Unknown
  • Dance Before The Police Come!-Because Of My Vocals