Floating World Music w/ Bass Clef



Bass Clef presents Floating World Music: a story told with records and tapes and words. A monthly dive into an abyss of music and non-music. A Nonesuch Explorer series for the 21st century.

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  • Artie Shaw-Nightmare (Theme) (E)
  • Gavin Bryars-Prologue (1986)
  • ALL-Alltag 1
  • Gamelan Son of Lion-Through the Looking Glass
  • Inky Blackness-Desolator
  • The Art of Noise-Ransom on the Sand
  • Some Truths-Unknown
  • David Munrow (Pavana)-Desiderata
  • Ted Berrigan-Excerpts from Memorial Day
  • Low & Springheel Jack-Way Behind
  • Pram-Life In The Clouds
  • Roland Kirk-The Inflated Tear
  • Wish Mountain-Cough
  • Coseph Jonrad-Wishing on a Star
  • Elena Frolona-No Love & No Honour
  • Rebekah Delrio-Llorlando
  • Kelis-Milkshake (Aceppella)
  • Borges-The Palace
  • Bhundhu Boys-My Foolish Harp
  • Thomas Chauke and The Shinyori Sisters-Xumaxilqvile
  • Freeform Reform-RIO-LHR-TXL-BOM
  • Can-Sunshine Day and Night
  • Carl Craig-Demented Drums Version
  • Nitro Deluxe-Let's Get Brutal (Dub)
  • The Sun God-Being Hieroglyphic
  • Utu-Samsara
  • Moodyman-Analog:Live
  • Theo Parrish-Insane Asylum
  • Hieroglyphic Being-Shambala
  • Bass Clef-Humming Blurs
  • Michael Olatunji-Shango (Chant to the God of Thunder)
  • Paradox-Reinstate
  • Jack Murphy-Untitled Riddim
  • Rod Taylor, Mikey Dread, King Tubby-Parrot Jungle (Alternate Version)
  • Prince Jammy & King Tubby-Jah Works
  • Nina Simone-Take Care of Business