Fractal Meat w/ Leslie Deere - Halloween Special



An audio scrapbook compiled by sound artist and musician Graham Dunning, comprised of sonic art and experiments, improvised music, textures and rhythms, as well as selections from Dunning's archive of found home tape recordings, and a variety of regular features.

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  • Bioni Samp-Videogoggles
  • Andy Jarvis-Handprint Witch
  • Filthy Turd-Live in Stoke on Trent
  • Vile Plumage-The Plan be Vile, Conceived In Shame
  • Sarah Thorley-Harmonica and Dusbuster
  • Leslie Deere-NTS Halloween Thing
  • Urdwyg The Goldrr-Cassette Problems: A public health warning from the Burselm Institute for the Study of Esoteric Ailments
  • Bong Idle-Unknown
  • Mike Oldfield-Tubular Bells part 1
  • krzysztof komeda-Rosemary's Baby Main Theme Vocal
  • Mika Levi-Death
  • Krzysztof Penderecki-De Natura Sonoris No.1
  • Bernard Herrmann-Psycho (theme)
  • Goblin-Tenebrae (main theme)
  • Al Bowlly-It's All Forgotten Now
  • Charles Bernstein-Nightmare on Elm Street theme
  • Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath
  • The Specials-Ghost Town
  • BAT-Old Mice
  • Ingrid Plum-Live at Shorts For All Seasons
  • Aine O'Dwyer-Live at Shorts For All Seasons
  • Leslie Deere-I-80
  • Roadside Picnic-suddenly burn so pale