Fractal Meat w/ Benedict Taylor & Anton Mobin Live Session



An audio scrapbook compiled by sound artist and musician Graham Dunning, comprised of sonic art and experiments, improvised music, textures and rhythms, as well as selections from Dunning's archive of found home tape recordings, and a variety of regular features.

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  • Graham Dunning-The Bulging, Rust-eaten Plates That Kept Back The Ocean
  • Asteroid-Dactyl
  • Mr Underwood-Outside
  • Alex Charles-Bow
  • Sarah Farmer-A1 of 1
  • Sophie Cooper-Variation Of Guitre 7
  • Stuart Chalmers-Night Passage
  • Greg Healey-Fogou/Dome/26A12
  • AAS-The Nomads (Location 4)
  • Open Sound Group-OSG01 Two
  • Samekhmem-Drumming
  • Anton Mobin & Benedict Taylor-Live in session for Fractal Meat
  • C. Reider & C. Hodges-Undated Probably 2010
  • Benedict Taylor & Anton Mobin-Evermore Bound
  • Silver Dick-Galleon
  • Toys R Noise-Pachitea Aida