Fractal Meat On A Spongy Bone



An audio scrapbook compiled by sound artist and musician Graham Dunning, comprised of sonic art and experiments, improvised music, textures and rhythms, as well as selections from Dunning's archive of found home tape recordings, and a variety of regular features.

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  • Double Leopards-Viking Blood
  • Far Rainbow-Everything's Clear
  • Henry Collins & Stuart Chalmers-Live At Bang The Bore 18-09-14 (excerpt)
  • Tristram Cary-Music for Light (Part 1)
  • Antti Tolv-Pianoketo Part 1
  • James Joys-Future Pixel
  • Phil Julian & John Macedo-live at Ryan's Bar, London, 28-2-13
  • Shaun Robert-Swan Song for Tape Recorder (track 4)
  • Jahiliyya Fields-AAAAA
  • Lachrylic-Facet
  • Paul Dunmall-In a certain state of consciousness those questions don't exist
  • THF Drenching-A New Shape In Cardiff
  • Robert Watts-String Record Composition
  • Palms Trax-Equation