Fractal Meat w/ Rosanne Robertson Live Session



An audio scrapbook compiled by sound artist and musician Graham Dunning, comprised of sonic art and experiments, improvised music, textures and rhythms, as well as selections from Dunning's archive of found home tape recordings, and a variety of regular features.

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  • auspice-I am going to outlive myself
  • Viv Corringham-St Paul's Cathedral
  • William Burroughs-k-9 was in combat with the alien mind-screens
  • Ingrid Plum-Early
  • Gum Takes Tooth-Young Mustard
  • Chris Mann-Record Player
  • David Morton-Rhythm of the Road
  • Bob Cobbing-Whisper Piece No.3
  • Elizabeth Veldon-If We Kill Everything There Will Be No Disease
  • Kellar-Flight As Defense
  • Lou Reed-Metal Machine Music, Pt3
  • Stephen Cornford & Samuel Rodgers-Turned Moment, weighting
  • Wires & Relays 4-Wires & Relays 4
  • Rosanne Robertson-Live in session for Fractal Meat
  • John Cage-Organ Squared (as slow as possible)
  • Sam Underwood-Digbeth Drone