Fred P - Soul People Music Radio



Fred P, a.k.a Black Jazz Consortium, brings deep underground music for the mind, body and soul, as well as music from his label, Soul People Music. One hour a month on stream 2.

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  • Fred P. - Way Of The Vibe
  • Anomaly - Today’s Future  Soul People Music
  • Mantras For Traveling Souls - Inner space  White Label
  • Captain P - Dreams   White Label
  • Jordan - Soft Focus  White Label
  • Project 9 - First Contact White Label
  • Fred P - 6 AM  Secrectsundaze
  • Jordan - Dilate   White Label
  • New World Orchestra - River (FP EIDT)  White Label
  • Captain P - Talking Walls White Label
  • Black Jazz Consortium - Grateful For The Love   White Label