From The Depths w/ Drakeford & A Vision Of Panorama



The FTD label’s bi-weekly audio vomit. Often hosted by Charles Drakeford, with occasional guests if they’re in town. Expect music for all occasions, though perhaps most commonly club-centric selections.

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  • Dario Domingues-On The Nazca Paths
  • Los iniciados-Canción de Ladislao
  • Luis Delgado-Los Pabellones De Los Sentidos
  • Hiroshi Yoshimura-Green
  • Toshifumi Hinata-Chat D'Ete
  • Joan Bibilon-Under You
  • Wally Badarou-Amber Whispers
  • A Vision Of Panorama-Tongue Of The Ocean
  • Farbror Resande Mac-Quaaludes
  • Chris Coco-Portmerion Tide Flow (A Vision Of Panorama instrumental)
  • Silent Poets-Moment Scale (Dub Master X Remix)
  • The Breeze-That Look In Your Eyes Mas
  • Craig T. Cooper-Sweet Water
  • Sasac-Talking God
  • Marc Cherry-Fo Nou Tchimbé
  • Wally Badarou-The Feet of Fouta
  • Moton-Mirrors Of My Mind
  • Jex Opolis-La Casa
  • MKRNI-Humedad ( Dj Pareja Remix)
  • Nummer-Earth Shift
  • Randomer-Brutus
  • untitled-untitled
  • Darren Price-Things Change
  • untitled-untitled
  • Dresvn-Tippu Tip Ghost
  • Dell + Flugel-4 Body Cell
  • Traumprinz-All The Things
  • Basic Channel-Phylyps Trak
  • Peverelist-The Grind
  • Pure Cane-Feels So Good (Club Mix)
  • Asusu-Trephine
  • Monolake-Zero Gravity