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Boogie blasters. Street Soul. 50p bangers and rare tackle. Synthesizer funk, whacked-out RNB, specialist soul. Once a month hosted by Randall Marsh, Ruf Dug & sonofapizzman. ALL HITTERS - NO SHITTERS. ALL WAX - NO TAX.

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  • Mickey-357
  • Unknown-Fizzy Veins
  • Throwback Zack-Cooling Out
  • Marck Grusane-Volume 2
  • Benedeck-Matrix No
  • Sybil-Falling In Love (Long Version)
  • Leroy Hutson-Paradise
  • George Smallwood-You Know I love You (Dub Version)
  • B Beat Girls-For The Same Man (Nasty Version)
  • Hill-Delicate Rose
  • One Way-I Don't Mean To Break Your Heart
  • Michael Chapman-Lescudkack
  • 52nd Street-Tell Me
  • M. Dean-Lovehygh
  • Roshell Anderson-Wild Dreams
  • Benedeck-Coolin'
  • Larry Joseph-You are the best
  • Exit-Detroit Leaning
  • USAries-Are You Ready To Come With Me (Part 1)
  • Spencer Jones-How To Win Your Love (Dutch Mix)
  • Benedek-Afterglow
  • F F Yellowhand-You Want Every Night
  • Halo-Let Me Do It
  • Tarika Blue-Dreamflower