Full House



One of the longest running shows on NTS, The Full House Show is a monthly session bringing dusty sounds from all over the globe, including but not limited to African disco & boogie, Caribbean and Brazilian funk, reggae, spiritual jazz and much more...

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  • Coney Island-Sidewalk
  • Keith Mansfield-Sweet Groove
  • Alan Hawkshaw-Soft Throttle
  • Ray Russel-Brooklyn Bridge
  • James Clarke-Street Wise
  • James Asher-Umberllas
  • Alan Hawkshaw-Beach Journey
  • Alan Hawkshaw-Fastest man of earth (sub mix)
  • James Asher-Rythmn Track
  • Martin/B. Dee-Deadline Destination
  • Etinne Cap-Open Game
  • Fafa De Belem-Indaue Tupa
  • Camayenne Sofa-Samba-Mana
  • Rachel-Unknown
  • Erica George-Strictly Soul
  • Keith Drummond-Shack Attack
  • Splash-Snake
  • Hiltonairs-Watermelon
  • The Shaw Park Calypso Band-Take me to Jamaica
  • Bembeya Jazz National-Whisky soda
  • The Folks Brothers-Carolina
  • Los Wawanco-Chon, Chon, Chon
  • The Lyrics-Music Like Dirt
  • Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot-Bonne and Clyde
  • Jibe Obi-At the disco
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Mike Obi-Balasei
  • Veno-Dibia
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Rex gyuant-Unknown
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Roy Ayers-Cant you see me