GETME! w/ Lixo & Roots Hi-Fi



The record label and infamous partiers, GETME! have a couple hours once a month to bring together artists from their own roster or special guests, for a long set of the best party tracks today’s producers can muster. From leftfield pop to grime and house bangers, don’t try falling asleep to this one.

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  • Nanny Goat-Dubplate
  • Carlton Livingston-Armageddon Time
  • Peter Ranking-Be True
  • U Brown-Girl So Bad
  • Shinehead-Ruff n Rugged
  • Peter & Lucky-DJ Power
  • Michigan & Smiley-Downpresser
  • Eek-a-mouse-Sensimillia
  • Michael Palmer-Gunshot A Bust
  • Patrick Andy-Sting me a sting Shock me a Shock
  • Anthony Redrose-Tempo
  • King Kong-Legal We Legal
  • Nitty Gritty-Hog In a Minty
  • Nitty Gritty-Make Them Come
  • Puddy Roots-When I Release
  • Augustus Pablo-Don D Special
  • Admiral Tibet- Shabba Ranks- Ninjaman-Serious Time
  • Daddy Ranks-Roots hi fi special
  • Shabba Ranks-Caan Done
  • Crime Stopper-Drugs Addiction
  • Major Lee and Crime Stopper-Drugs Addict
  • Goofy-Music we a Push
  • Captain Barkey-Miss Matty Boy
  • Red Rat-Proceed with Caution
  • Captain Barkey-Ole Ne Good
  • Lady Saw-Sloppy In a Bed
  • Bounty Killer-Juniour Reid-Yammi Bolo-Eyes a Bleed
  • Mad Cobra-Tek Him
  • Tony Rebel-Chatty Chatty
  • Junior Cat-Move Up Ole Bruck
  • Ninjaman-Mi a go Ride
  • Captain Barkey-It’s a Warning
  • Top Cat-Love Mi Ses