Get!Me! w/ Lixo



The record label and infamous partiers, GETME! have a couple hours once a month to bring together artists from their own roster or special guests, for a long set of the best party tracks today’s producers can muster. From leftfield pop to grime and house bangers, don’t try falling asleep to this one.

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  • Roots Manuva-Don't Breathe Out
  • Mori Ra-Tsuri Kame Hinadisco
  • Kasra V-Last Orders
  • Golden Filter-Drowned
  • Inque Shirabe-Camping In Your Soul
  • Kasra V-Escapism
  • Golden Teacher-Golden Chalice
  • STL-Leaving Peacful
  • The Golden Filter-Breakdown
  • Tilman Tausendfreund-A Man Under The Influence
  • Karizma-Nuffin Else (Nellie's Annointed Dub)
  • Damiano Von Erckert-LOVE LOVE LOVE feat Miles Bonny
  • Lawrence-Dawn 808
  • Kowton-Doing Nothing
  • Christopher Rau-Rg En El Casa
  • Shanti Celeste-Nu4him
  • The Golden Filter-Start Over
  • Wilson-Edit 1
  • Mori Ra-Acid Indonesia Psychedilia
  • Wilson-Edit 3
  • Kenix feat Bobby Youngblood-There's Never Been No One (Like You)
  • Junior Boys-Do For Love
  • Midland-Stop (Don't Let The Beat)
  • Golden Teacher-Double Bump
  • Fold-Calmer Mood
  • ZOMBY-Surf
  • Red Axes-Todum Todum
  • Herzel-Shades
  • Kresy-Mystic Strings
  • D-Malice-Indian Time (Basic Soul Unit Remix)
  • Happa-Ascension