GETME! w/ Lixo



The record label and infamous partiers, GETME! have a couple hours once a month to bring together artists from their own roster or special guests, for a long set of the best party tracks today’s producers can muster. From leftfield pop to grime and house bangers, don’t try falling asleep to this one.

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  • Escape From New York-Cottam (Cottam rewire)
  • ThnkU-Man Power
  • Walk-Dan Shake and Medlar
  • Mixing Tool-Cottam 120
  • Track 1 NYC-NYC Loft Trax V3
  • Blush-Midland
  • Chama Piru's-Omar-S
  • Nice & Slow-Steven Be Calm
  • Footcrab (Denham Edit)-Addison Groove
  • Cedar Wood State (Volt Mix)-Mosca
  • Cry Me A River-Omar S
  • For SOHO-J. Albert
  • Modo Ritmico-Trikk
  • Moneychangers-General Ludd
  • Done My Best-Nebraska
  • Summer Road-Henry Wu
  • Desert Eagle-Omar S
  • Track 3 NYC-NYC Loft Trax V3
  • Ablett-Man Power
  • No Es Computable-Albion
  • Pleasure-Formation (Folds Tasteful Dub)
  • New Paradise-Harvey Sutherland
  • Paradisea-Leon Vynehall
  • Wahness-Leon Vynehall
  • Nice & Slow-Steven Be Calm
  • 2000 Species of Cacti-Avalon Emerson
  • Loner-Burial
  • Beat of the Drum-Happa
  • Palace-John Roberts
  • Brazil (Slow Version)-Luke Abbott
  • Night Comforts-Neil Landstrumm
  • Nothing To See-Four Tet
  • Blush-Leon Vynehall
  • Past-Les Sins
  • Black Ghost (feat. GAIKA)-Darkstar
  • Backtail Was Heavy-Lone
  • The Box ft. D Double E-The Bug
  • Soil-Om Unit
  • _TT-Koreless