The Cosmic Principle With Nick Mitchell



The Cosmic Principle gets served up by Nick Mitchell once a month - from the Golden Lab Records team; the record label cooking up hot dinners by Michelin star jammers...

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  • Trad Gras Och Stenar-tidigt om morgonen
  • Grateful Dead-Terrapin Station
  • Neil Michael Hagerty & the howling hex-300 days of sunshine
  • Burnt hills-Live at the low beat (side 1)
  • Connie Adler-For Giving
  • The Doozer-Flying Birtd
  • Simply Saucer-Rock & Roll The Brain Cells
  • Willie Thrasher-Spirit Child
  • Ash Ra Temple-Nightdust
  • Nathan Bowles & Scott Verrastro-Palanquin Opiate
  • Sunburned hand of the man-Complexion LP (side A)