The Cosmic Principle w/ Nick Mitchell



The Cosmic Principle gets served up by Nick Mitchell once a month - from the Golden Lab Records team; the record label cooking up hot dinners by Michelin star jammers...

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  • Bert Jansch-Moonshine
  • Sky Saxon-In Praise Of Our Father
  • Mv & EE-No $ (Shit Space - It's all about the coin/corn)
  • Sainte Anthony's Fyre-Starlight
  • The Dillards-Nobody Knows
  • Fraser & Debolt-Gypsy Solitaire
  • Thurston Moore / John Moloney-Nixer
  • The Doozer-Castle Hill
  • John Fahey-Melody Mcbad
  • Vibracathedral Orchestra-Otto
  • Crystal Syphon-Elephant Ball
  • Iron Claw-Crossrocker
  • High Speed And The Afflicted Man-Get Stoned Ezy
  • Neokarma Jooklo Trio-Ancient Mystery