The Cosmic Principle w/ Nick Mitchell



The Cosmic Principle gets served up by Nick Mitchell once a month - from the Golden Lab Records team; the record label cooking up hot dinners by Michelin star jammers...

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  • Circles around the sun-Space Wheel
  • Third Ear Band-Ghetto Raga
  • Hiiraji Fukuda-Tokyo Delay
  • Gypsy Moth-Intergalactic Traders
  • Borbetomagus-The Original Chirping Chicken
  • Les Rallizes Denudes-Flame of Ice
  • Richard Pinhas-Rhizosphere
  • Hairy Chapter-Looking for a decent Freedom
  • Vermonster-Black Liquid Slowly Mummifies
  • Pengo-Circular firing squad (Part 2)
  • Ashtray Navigations-Miss Golden Road 1977