Gilded Sound Reflection



Gilded Sound Reflection is the musical collective of Tai Thittichai and David Lane. They magnify the bleed between genre lines, blurring the boundaries of krautrock, jazz, psych, soul, pop and more – a monthly show, settle in for a meandering couple hours early in the afternoon.

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  • Ace-How Long
  • Brother Jack Mcduff-Obilighetto
  • The Doobie Brothers-Long Train Runnin'
  • John & Beverley Martyn-Parcels
  • Ministry-Cold Life
  • Klaatu-Anus Of Uranus
  • Warren Zevon-Night Time In The Switching Yard
  • Kevin Ayers-Invitation
  • Mo Kolours-Mike Black
  • Gary Burton-Fleurette Africane
  • Crown Heights Affair-Far Out
  • Brother Jack Mcduff-Moon Rappin'
  • Segat-Fuk Dat