Gilded Sound Reflection



Gilded Sound Reflection is the musical collective of Tai Thittichai and David Lane. They magnify the bleed between genre lines, blurring the boundaries of krautrock, jazz, psych, soul, pop and more – a monthly show, settle in for a meandering couple hours early in the afternoon.

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  • Crosby Stills & Nash-DarkStar
  • James Gang-Ashton Park
  • The Lilac Time-I Went To The Dance
  • Jon Renbour-Kokomo
  • Vinegar Joe-Circles
  • The Pretty Things-I Can Never Say
  • West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band-18 Is Over The Hill
  • Paul Revere & The Raiders-Ride On My Shoulder
  • Paul ButterField-New Walking Blues
  • The Velvet Underground-Temptation Inside Your Heart
  • St. John Green-Devil And The Sea
  • Vinegar Joe-See The World
  • Greatful Dead-Casey Jones
  • Lazarus-Baby Baby
  • The Flaming Groovies-Shake Some Action
  • Big Brother And The Holding Company-Be A Brother
  • The Doobie Brothers-Long Train Running
  • The Bob Seger System-Mongrel
  • Beck Bogert & Appice-Superstition
  • Curtis Knight & Jimi Hendrix-Love Love
  • Cheap Trick-Surrender
  • The Rolling Stones-Monkey Man
  • West Coast Pop Art Experiment Band-Our Drummer Always Plays In The Nude
  • The Steve Miller Band-Take The Money And Run
  • James Gang-The Bomber
  • Big Brother And The Holding Company-You've Been Talking About Me Baby
  • Spirit-Animal Zoo
  • Youngbloods-Sham
  • SRC-Day Star
  • The Shocking Blue-Hot Sand
  • Paul Revere & The Raiders-Where You going Girl
  • St. John Green-Canyon Woman
  • The Young Bloods-Sunlight
  • Ultra Vivid Scene-Mercy Seat