Gilded Sound Reflection



Gilded Sound Reflection is the musical collective of Tai Thittichai and David Lane. They magnify the bleed between genre lines, blurring the boundaries of krautrock, jazz, psych, soul, pop and more – a monthly show, settle in for a meandering couple hours early in the afternoon.

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  • Bauhaus-Who Killed Mr Moonlight
  • Poly Rock-Indian Song
  • James Last-Inner City Blues
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Serge Gainsbourg-L'Hôtel Particulieur
  • Junior Parker-Tomorrow Never Knows
  • Lani Hall-Love Song
  • Art Of Noise-Moments In Love
  • Philip Glass-Dance 2
  • Venus Gang-Love To Fly
  • John Martyn-Small Hours
  • Brian Eno-Always Returning
  • Cocteau Twins-Cico Buff
  • Broadcast-I Found The F
  • The Mamas and The Papas-Shooting Star
  • Shocking Blue-Love Buzz
  • Gabor Szabo-Thre King Fishers
  • Flash and The Pan-Waiting For A Train
  • Sylvester-Stars
  • Cosmo Vitelli-Straight My Time
  • Dawn Penn-You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)
  • Candy Flip-Strawberry Fields Forever
  • The Jesus and Mary Chain-Just Like Honey
  • Junei-Lets Ride
  • Automatic Man-My Pearl
  • A-Dam - Coca