Edgar Froese Tribute


A special one-off in honour of Edgar W. Froese, founder of The Tangerine Dream.

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  • Aqua-ngc891
  • Hyperborea-Cinnamon Road
  • Alpha Centauri-Fly and collision of comas sola (excerpt)
  • Flashpoint-Mad Cop Story
  • Romance 76-Bicentennial Present
  • Flashpoint-Lost in the Dunes
  • Trans Harmonic Night-This Day
  • Kamikaze 1989-Polizei Disko
  • Le Parc-Bois de Boulogne
  • Ages-Metropolis
  • Risky Business-Love on a real train
  • Exit-Network 23
  • Thief-Burning Bar
  • White Eagle-Mojave Plan (Excerpt)
  • Tatort-Das M├Ądchen auf der Treppe