Eltron John


The humorously named Eltron John knows a thing or two about what works on the dancefloor. He doesn't need to see the list: he'll take the house music, please.

More Guests


  • Nubukus-Show Me The Way
  • Dripping For A Trip (Space Dub)-DJ Sotofett & Philip Lauer feat. Jeks
  • Universo-Sus
  • Call Super-From Which I Fell
  • Selvy-Comb The Bushes
  • Steve Murphy-DJ Octopus
  • Daze-Lips (94 Version)
  • A1-Willow
  • Ruritania-Cut 2 (b. Baran Operator mix)
  • Jacek Sienkiewicz-Drifting
  • Kc Flight-Voices (Original Doc)
  • Aera-Strange Glow
  • Dj Sotofett & Gilb'r-Drippin For A Trip (Dubb Mix)
  • SLG & Eltron John-Oczy
  • Roxymore, Aquarian Jugs, Jaguar Woman &Onl Aywvn-Decon Recon 1 -3
  • Dj Duke-Love Don't Come Easy
  • Anno Stamm-I Still Have The Photographs
  • Kid Simmons-Pheel
  • Roxymore, Aquarian Jugs, Jaguar Woman &Onl Aywvn-Decon Recon 1-3
  • Chino & Eltron John-The Children
  • Westbam & Nena-We Are the Oldschool (Jerd Nanson)
  • Bigger Than Life-World Of Make Believe
  • Sade-Couldn’t Love You More (Florian Kupfer edit)
  • Black Science Orchestra-Where Were You