Fatima's Maple Syrup Waffle Show



The multi-talented singer and DJ Fatima (Eglo Records) dropped by the NTS London studio for a guest show, playing records from Ty Dolla Sign, Ethereal, DJ Rashad & more...

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  • Sean Fury-Biracial Girl
  • Da Bassment Devante Swing-Nothin' But A B-Party
  • Ari Lennox-Ari Backwood
  • Coughee Brothaz-Don’t Get Me Wrong
  • Ty Dolla Sign-Drank N Cranberry
  • Mila J-Smoke, Drink, Break up
  • A l e x a n d r I a-Aint Nobody
  • A l e x a n d r I a-Try me
  • A l e x a n d r I a-I For Give You
  • St. Julien-Luv Triangle
  • Ty Dolla Sign-My Song
  • Magoo, Timberland & Mago-Beep Beep
  • Ethereal-Do It All
  • D. Loc-Chains
  • Ty Dolla Sign-No Justice (Ft. Big TC)
  • Roc Marciano-Hide My Tears
  • Mobb Deep-Get Away
  • The Clipse-Virginia
  • Ty Dolla Sign-Violent
  • Ty Dolla Sign 1-__ (where) [Ft. Mingos]
  • Clipse-Ride Around Shining
  • Mangoo, Timberland, Mago-Luv 2 Luv U
  • Clipse-Ride Around Shining
  • Ka-Summer
  • Ari Lennox-Back Seat
  • Nate Dogg-I Got Love
  • Ethereal-Eraser
  • Dj Rashad & Dj Spinn-Broken Harted
  • Cakedog-F.O. My Face
  • Cakedog-Lightweight
  • Sean Price-Boom Bye Yeah