JANUS crew member Kablam goes in hard: the sounds of ballroom, R'n'B and dancehall (at the bottom of a K-hole).

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  • Amnesia Scanner-As Angels Rig Hook
  • BeyoncĂ©-No Angel (Cristian Dinamarca Remix)
  • Adimyfox-Gumbolaia
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Kamixlo-Paleta
  • Maluca-Trigger (Brenmar Remix)
  • Dinamarca-Sufrimiento
  • Trina ft. Missy Elliott-Rewind That Back
  • Lotic-Heterocetera
  • Tinashe & M.E.S.H.-Vunerable (DAW Is My Shelter)
  • Rabit-Bloody Eye
  • Tinashe-2 On (Skylaurr Rauthkeaux Respray)
  • Lexx Xi-Scrape Riddim
  • Valentino Khan ft. DJ Kool-Make Some Noise
  • Rabit-Unknown
  • Sean Paul-Temperature
  • Lotic-From The Front
  • Gatekeeper-Tree Drum (Total Freedom Debt Stalking Version)
  • DJ Cueheat-Jungle Terror
  • Usher-I Don't Mind (DJ T Marq Remix)
  • Unknown-Unknown