Numero Group


One of our favourite labels Numero came down to the studio on Saturday and played a fantastic selection of soulful 7's.

More Guests


  • Trevor Dandy-Is There Any Love
  • Joe King-Speak On Up
  • The Classmen-You & Me Right
  • Jimmy Robins Orchestra-Trust Your Child Part II
  • Menace-G.L.C
  • The Scientists-Last Night
  • The Vaselines-Mollys Lips
  • Allen Pound's Get Rich-Searching In The Wilderness
  • Solid Gold-Message To Planet Earth
  • Sojourner Truth-Summertime
  • Methane C-Aftermath
  • Elements of Peace-Together
  • Everyday People-Life
  • The Eptones-No One Else But you
  • The Inspirational Gospel Singers-The Same Thing It Took
  • The Players-The Inter Circle
  • The Exciters-Different Strokes
  • Syl Johnson-One Way Ticket To Nowhere
  • The New Day-Wait A Minute
  • Out Of Sights-Tears Don't Care
  • Nasty Minds-Getting Nasty
  • Universal Togetherness Band-Your Love Is Everything I Need
  • Donnell Pittman-Burning Up
  • Herman Jones-I Love You
  • 94 East-If You See Me
  • Wee-I Luv You
  • Mind & Matter-Sunshine Lady
  • Total Experience-Contradiciton
  • Smokey 007-Same Kind of Thing
  • The Spiritual Harmonizer's-Gods Love
  • Dwain Vinyard-Searching For The Truth
  • Corinthian Singers-Why?
  • King James Version-He's Forever
  • Soul Inspiration-Life
  • Directory-World & Creation
  • Little Boy Blues-Nothing Left To Say
  • Curtis Liggins Inidcation-What It Is
  • Function underground-We The People