Open Deck w/ Mr Scruff


Mr Scruff fresh off the boat from Manchester and manning the open decks. Features from his 3-year-old daughter, and a metric shit-ton of Japanese jazz.

More Guests


  • Sadao Watanbe-Vichakani
  • Ralph Lundstin and the Andromeda All Stars-Discophrena
  • Doug Lucas-One For You
  • Undisputed Truth-UFOs
  • Sun Ra-UFO (Mike Huckaby Edit)
  • Fingers Inc-Distant Planet (Club Mix)
  • Max Graef-No. 5
  • 2000 Black-if you got 3 wishes
  • Daphni and Owen Pallet-Julia
  • Sherrif Lindo and the Hammer-! (DUB)
  • John Holt-In My Life
  • Refugee Camp Allstars-The Sweetest Thing
  • Harleigh Blu-How Deep is Your Love
  • Mr Scruff-We Are Coming
  • Jackie Beavers-Mr Bump Man
  • Marco-Comin' Home Again
  • Manfredo Fest-Jungle Kitten
  • D.J. Rogers-Will You Remember Me?
  • Mr Scruff-Deliverance
  • Logg-Sweet To Me
  • Aged in Harmony-You're a Melody
  • Fatima-Do Better
  • Mr Scruff-Feel Free (Feat Phil Franz)