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Special guest shows from around the globe.

More Guests


  • Paul Anchor-Put Your Head On My Shoulder
  • Kevin Drumm-Shut In
  • Akira Yamaoka-A World Of Madness
  • Fabio Frizzi-Zombie
  • Almeda Riddle-I Love My Little Rooster
  • Mr Bungle-Everyone I went to High School With Is Dead
  • Lou Pearson-Stone Circles
  • Junichi Masuda-Lavender Town
  • Bill Thornberry-Sitting Here at Midnight
  • White Goblin-U0001f3b2 (Seventh Realm)
  • Anthony Child-Boys School Showers and Swimming Pools
  • Masahiro Ikumi-Baachiya Mima
  • Angelo Badalamenti-Just You
  • Chu Ishicawa-TD
  • Howard Shore-Welcome to Videodrome
  • Serpente-Sangue Du Galo
  • Anxiety Support Group-Faint
  • South Gare-Flight Path
  • Wanda Group-A Strain A Meter Below
  • Basic House-TV Illness
  • Julee Cruise-Mysteries of Love