Perfume Advert


Dub-leaning house, ambient synth, new wave and more from Perfume Advert - the rising duo from Salford.

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  • Soundscape Rivers-Excerpt
  • Anxiety support group-love you downer
  • A new line (related)-People Kissed underneath me
  • solo1-Sunland drive
  • Best available technology-no tears in her eyes
  • Voodoo tapes-Procession
  • C418-Flake
  • U-100 water
  • Seekers international-Cheryl Linn
  • Disrupt-The stars my destination
  • David Toop-Dry keys echo in the dark and human early hours
  • Ondness-A Voz Do Dono II
  • A new line (related)-Belle Ile En Mer Dub Night (Perfume Advert remix)
  • Perfume Advert-Gown
  • Yearning Kru-Hungover In Zanarkand (Anxiety Support Group Remix)
  • Juun-Jazz Interlude
  • Mike Cooper-Te Lapa-Phosphorus
  • Voodoo Tapes-Dawn (Jambassa Remix)
  • Arthur Russell-being it