The Quietus


The team over at tQ were kind enough to come round to NTS and round up the best of 2014: "a bit like an esoteric funeral soundtrack with a bit of, uh, sex behind the crematorium... been a funny year."

More Guests


  • Tantra-Hills of Katmandu (Patrick Cowley Megamix)
  • Maurice Louca-Benhayyi Al-Baghbaghan
  • Gazelle Twin-Anti-Body
  • English Heretic-Lavinia Whateley
  • British Murder Boys-As Above So Below
  • Kasai Allstars-Yangye, The Evil Leopard
  • Kemper Norton-Ostiaz
  • Grumbling Fur-Secrets of the Earth
  • Vessel-Red Sex
  • Jenny Hval & Susannah-I Have Walked This Body
  • Zamilska-Duel 35
  • Laibach-Eat Liver
  • Ibibio Sound Machine-The Talking Fish
  • Gerstaffelen-Invisible Ghosts
  • Furfriend-Endless September
  • The Bug-Fat Mac
  • Powell-Club Music (Ancient Methods Remix)
  • Wesley Matsell-Total Order of Being
  • Quirke-Break A Mirrored Leg
  • Karen Gwyer-Lay Claim to My Grub
  • Real Lies-Dab Housing
  • Blacknecks-Easy Lionel