Touch Sensitive



Special guest shows from around the globe.

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  • Documenta-Horror Vacui i
  • Lino Capra Vaccina-Antico Adagio
  • Basil Kirchin-Prelude and Dawn
  • Group Zero-The Pummeling Repetition Inside
  • Yves Tumor-The Feeling When You Walk Away
  • Barry Lynn-RV Tauri
  • Gross Net-Still Life
  • Rex Illusivii-Facedance
  • Mr Partridge-I Sit In The Snow
  • Some Of My Best Friends Are Canadians-Feeling Sheepish
  • Stereolab-Les Yper-Sound
  • Maya-Synthezoid Heartbreak
  • Severed Heads-Lamborghini
  • Colored Music-Heartbeat