Halocline Trance w/ Egyptrixx



"Jeep music for a saturn desert" - tune into Halocline Trance with your host, Egyptrixx, for an excursion into extra-terrestrial drive time radio: expect to discover disembowelled and re-imagined club sounds.

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  • Nene Hatun-Nur
  • Anamai-Returned
  • Ipek Gorgun-Lethe
  • Kodak Black-Gave it all I got
  • Young Chop-Just Do Me
  • Odeko-The Yumato Spring
  • Limit-Limit#06
  • Elysia Crampton + Lexxi-Esposas 2013 (no drums)
  • Alien Vegan Sect-Cryptolecte
  • 8ulentina-Knife
  • 8ulentina-Resent
  • Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe + Ariel Kalma-Gongma Kalma Lowe
  • Hiroshi Yoshimura-Feet
  • Egyptrixx-Lake of Contemplation, Pool of Fundamental Bond
  • Locrian-The Crystal World
  • Internazionale-Amongst Foreign Birches, Russian Men with Ivory Torsos
  • Egyptrixx-V.E.P.N.
  • Lil Peep-The Pull-Off (feat. Ghostmane)
  • Agalloch-Serpens Cauda
  • Pallbearer-Foreigner
  • Earth-There is a Serpent Coming
  • Om-Meditation is the Practise of Death
  • Heather Leigh-The Return
  • Ceramic TL-I attached to and pored over photos of places I loved that were reduced to ash
  • Erik Travis-Turn it Up
  • Bitch Ass Darius-Get it Right
  • Track Ghost-Gator
  • Non-Stop DJs - LDN