Hannah Holland



Hannah Holland and sometimes guests stir up a nicely atmospheric blend of modern house and minimal tunes, interspliced with ambience, experimental and even contemporary classical. From the sweat and dark of the club to soaring avian soundscapes, Hannah covers the lot.

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  • Steelband Spectacular-Maria
  • Third World-Cool Meditation
  • Confused House-Concrete Dub
  • Sylvia Striplin-You Can't Turn Me On
  • Matt Tolfrey-Encarta (Dj Sprinkles Soft Dub)
  • Secret Circuit-Deep Stations
  • Jee Day-Sum Of Love
  • Roxymore-Wheel Of Fortune
  • LFO-Simon From Sydney
  • Dapayk-Layers (Chloe Remix)
  • Justin Robertson's Deadstock-Plotting An Orbit
  • JonJo Jury-If You Break It (Buff Remix)
  • Von Sudenfed-Fledermaus Can't Get It
  • Hannah Holland-The Screamer
  • Liz Torres-Feel It
  • Jimmy Chambers-You Can't Fight It (Riccio Rerub)
  • Rhythmatic-Take Me Back (Let's Go Back Edit)
  • The Sun God-Relics & Artifacts
  • KraftWerk-Aerodynamik (Francois K Aero Mix)
  • Chocolette-A Little Bit Of Lovin' (Clubby dubby Mix)
  • Quell-Lady Hardcore
  • LFO-Freeze