House Of Trax



Trax Couture is an independent record and clothing label built for dancers and their show covers ballroom, house, electro, ghetto house, footwork and grime. Presented by your host, Rushmore.

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  • Rushmore-Sunrise
  • DHS-House Of God (Rushmore Edit)
  • Endgame-Unlikd Riddim
  • Mike Gip-She Get It From Her Mama (Twerk Edit)
  • Hann-Boss Ass Litefeet
  • Inkke-Empty Ur Pocket
  • OH91-Goon Mode
  • POLstyle-SAW (Neana Remix)
  • Bosca-Bones
  • Tsunga-0p
  • Unknown-Clap Go
  • Balazo-Dip Don (Dubble Dutch Remix)
  • Don Lorenzo-Guava Swim (Rushmore Edit)
  • Evil Streets-Times Up
  • Mr. Fingers-Can U Still Feel It (Traxman Edit)
  • Para One-You Too (Jersey Club remix)
  • Rushmore-D String
  • Moslem Priest-House Arrest
  • Bloom-Maze Temple (Visionist Rmx)
  • Glott-Varsis
  • Rushmore-Hornets Jam
  • Bosca-She Sick
  • Evil streets-Paranoid
  • Cecil And Girl Unit-Unknown (Rushmore Edit)
  • Rushmore-Central Leisure
  • Night Dives-Energy
  • POLstyle-SAW (MikeQ Remix)
  • Wizzbit-Retro
  • Rushmore¬†(1)-Drowntown
  • Rushmore (1)-Sunshine Love
  • LOL Girls-Digital Divaz ft Uniique
  • Mark Fell and Gabor Lazar-Track 3
  • Rp Boo-Party Motion
  • Criss Waddle ft R2Bees-Girls Abr3
  • Tsunga-Codswallop (Divel Mix)