House Call w/ Daddy Bones



Heavy vinyl records collector Dr. Kruger digs deep every other Sunday to bring soulful, funky and odd tunes from his crates straight to your home. Sometimes joined by a fellow crate digger/DJ of his choice, just tune in and let the doctor treat you.

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  • The Dynamic Tints-Be My Lady
  • Louis Curry-God's Creation
  • The Lovations-La La La
  • The Hill Sisters-Oh My Love, Sweet Love
  • Jeff Dale-Suffering Pain
  • The Esquires-No Doubt About It
  • Jo Ann Garrett-Stay By My Side
  • Johnny & Expressions-Now That You're Mine
  • Vivilore Jordan-Maybe
  • Pat Lewis-No Baby, No
  • Danny White-My Living Doll
  • Al Anders-Do You Love Me?
  • The Sequins-It Must Be Love
  • Unlimited Four-Walk Away Lover
  • T&E Corp-Mystical Lover
  • Fragile-Loving
  • Smoke Sugar Co-Save A Little Love For A Rainy Day
  • The Summits-Let Me Love You Again
  • Indiana Travelers-This May Be The Last Time