House Call w/ Phil Selector



Heavy vinyl records collector Dr. Kruger digs deep every other Sunday to bring soulful, funky and odd tunes from his crates straight to your home. Sometimes joined by a fellow crate digger/DJ of his choice, just tune in and let the doctor treat you.

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  • The Esquires-No Doubt About It
  • King Hannibal-The Truth Shall Make You Free
  • Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft-Test Record
  • Petula Clark-Un Jeune Homme Bien
  • Billy Fury-What Do You Think You're Doing Of
  • Andre Williams & His Orch.-Soul Party A-Go Go
  • Soul-Can You Feel It
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Saksiam Petchchompu & Pornsurapon Petchseethong-Jeb Jing Jeb Jai
  • Louis Curry-God's Creation
  • Chuck-A-Luck and The Lovemen LTD - Whip Ya
  • African People-Moovin' On
  • Lester Wilson-There Was A Time
  • James and Bobby Purify-Do Your Thing
  • Dyke and the Blazers-City Dump
  • William Bell-Never Like This Before
  • The O'Jays-One Night Affair
  • Edwin Starr-Time
  • Lavell Kamma-I Can Help You Find Yourself
  • J. J. Barnes-To An Early Grave
  • Known Facts-He's Got It
  • Etta James-I Got You Babe
  • Tina Turner-Too Hot To Hold
  • The Chicago Cubs-Pennant Fever
  • Little Grants & Eddie-Bingo
  • Bull & The Matadors-The Funky Judge
  • Bobby Boseman-Astrological Soul Train
  • Jacqueline Taieb-Bravo
  • Betty Wright-One Things Leads To Another
  • Jodi Gales-Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  • Sound Experience-40 Acres and A Mule
  • Bobby Byrd-Headquarters
  • Eddie and Ernie-Woman, What Do You Be Doing
  • Don Gregory & The Soul Trainers-Soul Line
  • Bobby Patterson-If You Took A Survey
  • Sugarmenan & Co-Promised Land
  • lyn collins-Think (about it)
  • Southside Revue-Chittlins Part.1
  • Dee Edwards-The Girl Can't Go By What She Hears
  • Little Milton-Let's Get Together
  • Lester Wilson-get ready
  • People's Choice-Run To Me