How The Other Half Lives 12 - Todd Hart



How The Other Half Lives is a record label/podcast/mix series curated by Goncalo aka ZNTN since 2010: "I laid out some soft 'rules': No mixing (or very little), thirty to forty five minutes as enough to fit into a C60 or C90 tape, no club dance music, no remixes, no extremely long tracks, include tracklists and please note that this is not a competition for who has the most underground records."

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  • The Micronauts - The Jag
  • Charanjit Singh - Raga: Todi
  • Ongaku - Mihon #3
  • Elasticoculture - Container Dreams
  • Tomas Andersson - The Other Day
  • Rita indiana - Platanitos
  • Samba Mapangala, Orchestre Virunga - Adija
  • Mbilia Bel - Faux Pas
  • El Coco - Cocomotion
  • Love Unlimited Orchestra - Forever In Love