Insert w/ Famous Eno, Lorenzo Bitw & Tsvi



Fusing the sounds of early grime, techno, club and ballroom, Insert consistently expose unreleased tracks and up-and-coming artists via their blog and radio show.

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  • Waterhouse-Empty Gallery
  • Blacktail-Now Muzik
  • Moog Conspiracy-Cubes
  • Dean Lyon-Only You
  • Jay Jackson-Le Chinois (Famous Eno remix)
  • T!m Ned-Can't Stop Flexxin (feat Fat Pimp)
  • Swisha-Bomb Track
  • Ckrono-Toca Tu
  • Terror Danjah-Juicy Patty (feat Jamakabi)
  • Lokane-Bomba (original mix)
  • Doctor Jeep-Phantasma