International Women's Day 2015 - Who's That Girl?



As part of our International Women's Day special, Leyla (Who's That Girl) focussed on man vs woman

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  • Carl Craig-Desire - 69
  • Maya Angelou-The Differences are just Superficial
  • Hot Natured-Forward Motion
  • Roisin Murphy-Parallel Lives
  • HTRK-Feels Like Love
  • Novalis-Love was not made for this World
  • Jada Pinkett-Smith - The War On Men Through The Degradation of Women - 'Man had no Idea...'
  • Love Hotel, Directed by Hikaru Toda, Phillip Cox-Love is Inexplicable...
  • Kate Bush-The Truth lies somewhere in the middle
  • Kate Bush-Between a Man & a Woman
  • Hot Toddy ft. Ron Basejam-I Need Love
  • Henny Moan-Slayer of Gash
  • Maxim ft. Skin-Like spitting out some more wet dreams...
  • Maxim ft. Skin-Carmen Queasy
  • Larse-The More I Want
  • Nina Kraviz-I'm Week
  • Saada Bonnaire-You could be more as You are
  • Soul Capsule-Lady Science
  • Marquis De Sade-Pleasure dosn't exist without Pain..
  • Beverly Carpentier, Slave to Catherine Robbe-Grillet - 'There is this little Universe...'
  • Aphex Twin-Window Licker
  • Aquarius-Universe
  • Pierre Bachelet, Histoire D' O Soundtrack-O, Et L'Amour D'Yvan
  • Nina Kraviz-I'm Gonna Get You
  • Theo Parrish-Soul Control
  • Betty Friedan, Epilogue to The Feminine Mystique 1973-How could we ever really know or love each other..?
  • Rhye-Shed Some Blood
  • Malcolm McLaren-Madame Butterfly
  • Art of Noise-Moments in Love
  • Kwikfiks-I Love You
  • Bjork, Batchelorette-I'm a Fountain of Blood, In the shape of a Girl..
  • Inga Copeland ft. Actress-Advice to Young Girls
  • Inga Copeland-Because I'm Worth It