Jaro Sounder - Tellus Audio Cassette Mix



Jaro Sounder w/ a Tellus Audio Cassette magazine post-punk & noise special.

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  • Fast Forward-Spot
  • Perry Hoberman-Smaller Than Life
  • Kirby Malone-Dobbelganger
  • David Garland-No More Misty Night Sky
  • Jerry Lindhal-The Indian Elephant
  • Anita Feldman And Michael Kowalski-Riffle
  • Hearn Gadbois-Gaht Mayh Moh8joh3 Woykihn
  • Joseph Nechvatal-Psychedelic Hermeneutic
  • Susan Stone-Langue Etude
  • Wolfgang Staehle and Steve Pollack-Voice Of The President
  • Isaac Jackson-Messages
  • Tom Lopez-30 Second Telephone Terror Theatre
  • Nicolas Collins-Devil's Music 1
  • Louise Lawler-Birdcalls
  • Matt Schlange-Green River Blues
  • Paul Lansky-Not Just More Idle Chatter
  • Richard Prince-Catherine
  • Ron Kuivala-TI Intends
  • Paul De Marinis-Mind Power