Orsii and Jazzman Gerald present Jazzman, a selection of new Jazzman releases and sounds from the '50s to the '90s including modal jazz, spiritual jazz, Latin jazz, popcorn, deep funk, northern soul, greasy RnB and maybe even the odd tittyshaker.

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  • Los Babys-Jinetes En El Cielo
  • The Coasters-Three Cool Cats
  • Eugene Church-Sixteen Tonnes
  • Al Brown And His Tune Toppers-Take Me Back
  • Feather-Be Real
  • Honey And The Bees-Music
  • B.S.P-Funky
  • A'Keem-Cullen Knight
  • Manolo Gas-Chacal
  • Quinteplus-El Marques
  • Tonio Rubio-Bass In Action No.1
  • Jaques Thollot-Cecille
  • Arica-Wind
  • Omar Korshid-Rasket El Fadaa
  • Jean Kassaplan-The Snake
  • J.J Cale-Right Down Here
  • 3rd Avenue Blues Band-Mean Greens
  • The Outlaw Blues Band-Deep Gully
  • Arlean Brown-Impeach Me Baby
  • Anabacoa-Damiron
  • Swinger Band-La Planta
  • Statler Records-Latin Salsa
  • Oscar Pettiford-Oscalypso
  • Howard McGee-Bless You
  • The Modern Jazz Orchestra-Flamenco Sketches
  • Lilyann Carol-OOO-POPPA-DOO
  • The Lovers-Temptation
  • Stan The Man And The Men-Jive Samba
  • Mimi Martel-Mambo Italiano
  • Hap Snow And The Whirlwinds-Banshee
  • Sugarpie Desanto-Going Back Where I Belong
  • Paul Buff-Wild Bird
  • David Batist And The Gladators-6th Ward High Step
  • R. Alphonso And Studio 1 Orchestra-From Russia With Love
  • The Cats-Swan Lake
  • James Brown-London Popcorn