Orsii and Jazzman Gerald present Jazzman, a selection of new Jazzman releases and sounds from the '50s to the '90s including modal jazz, spiritual jazz, Latin jazz, popcorn, deep funk, northern soul, greasy RnB and maybe even the odd tittyshaker.

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  • Wredd Wrewster-In A Funky Latin Bag
  • Earl Ezell and Combo-Wake Up Mama
  • Kenny Dorham-Mamacita part 1
  • George Cates-Take Five
  • Little Johnny Taylor-Somewhere Down The Line
  • Carmen Taylor-Big Mamou Daddy
  • Roy brown-Good Rockin Man
  • Richard Wylie-Money
  • Kenny Smith-Go For Yourself
  • Joy Sherrill-Do Me Good, Baby!
  • Fontella Bass-My Good Loving
  • Francis Faye-Night and Day
  • Fats Gaines-Backlash
  • Octeto de Ronnie Knoller y Daniel Lencina-Raunchy Rita
  • Mehrpouya Star-Scorpio
  • The Zombies-Time of the Season
  • Arlo Guthrie-Coming into Los Angeles
  • Elderberry Jak-Forest on the mountain
  • Black Rite-Mandingo
  • Stereolab-Miss Modular
  • The Emperor's New Clothes-Unsettled Life
  • Chris Bowden-Epsilon
  • Chuck Bowers-Pig Pen Boogie
  • Porky Harris-Pig Pen
  • Unknown-The Pig
  • Rey Tex-Carmen
  • Ricardo Flores-Pachanga Ricardo
  • Ed Lincoln-Cochise
  • Elis Regina-Upa Negrinho
  • Wilson Das Neves-Venus
  • The Marlboro Men-Iron Horse
  • Eternal Flames-What the Matter for ya
  • Ray Jones-Beat the Knees
  • Lee Gagnon Quartet-Take Five