Getting Warmer w/ Jen Monroe

New York


Jen Monroe writes the album download blog Listen To This!, which focuses on Japanese and new age records:

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  • Carpenters-Invocation
  • Fé De Sábio-Crepúsculo
  • Isabelle Antena-Otra Bebera
  • Yellow Magic Orchestra-Shadows On The Ground
  • The Beach Boys-Til I Die (Alternate Mix)
  • Caetano Veloso-Gua
  • Mudd-Summer In The Wood
  • Orchestre Raymond Droz Avec Pierre Cavalli Et Son Orchestre-Passarinhos
  • Light House-南太平洋
  • The Coconuts-If I Only Had A Brain
  • Googoosh-Sahel Va Darya
  • Brenda Ray-Another Dream
  • Miharu Koshi-逃亡者
  • Nightingales, Recorded by Jean C. Roché-In A Waste Ground Beside A Stream In Provence, June
  • Mariko Fuji-雪
  • Aaliyah-At Your Best
  • Mike Oldfield-Into Wonderland