Kassem Mosse



Kassem Mosse, a.k.a The Siege Of Troy, hit up NTS in June for a month long residency, playing the most ridiculous house and techno, ambient sensations and odd jazz.

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  • Morgan Geist-Skyblue Pink
  • Oral Xperience-Never been on E
  • Nadine Byrne-And the sky so present and near
  • PSI Performer-1999
  • Call Super-Sulu Sekou (7" Version)
  • Finis Africae-El baile de Sara
  • Jeri┬áJeri-Daguagne
  • PG Sounds-5
  • Daniel Wang-Art, Drugs, Sex, Rhythm
  • Afrobaltic Sound Kimara-Tiiger, Tanzania
  • TCB-Monogamie (MM/KM Remix)
  • Pittsburgh Track Authority-Monongahela Rainforest
  • Two Lone Swordsmen-Azzolini
  • Oasis Collaborating-Oasis 9
  • Mampo Village-Village In Pursuit
  • Shellack-Mi Amor Remix
  • DJ Sprinkles-Hobo Train
  • Titonton Duvante-Avenues
  • Delicate Instruments-Feel 2 Feel