Kassem Mosse



Kassem Mosse, a.k.a The Siege Of Troy, hit up NTS in June for a month long residency, playing the most ridiculous house and techno, ambient sensations and odd jazz.

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  • Activated-Activation Code
  • Fhloston Paradigm-Liloo's Seduction
  • Karen Dalton-Blue Notion (Laurel Halo Remix)
  • Time Blind-Space Cadets
  • Sun Ra-Nature Good (Mike Huckaby Edit)
  • Earthen Sea-Venus
  • Hama-Tagout
  • Vito Ricci-Inferno Part 2
  • Lowtec-Man On Wire
  • John F.M. (feat. Ka.Z)-Solace
  • Marcellus Pittman-1044 Coplin
  • Nubian Mindz-Take It Back
  • Kai AlcĂ©-Dirty South Dirt
  • Japan Blues-Baroque Mutiny
  • Viola Klein-Presence of Bauffor Bosco
  • Orson-White Nights
  • Art Of Dance-Tedra
  • UD-NFL CC Dub (Mix Mup Remix)
  • The Hangout Project-Sword Of Light