Kestrel Explorations w/ Junior Loves & Scientific Dreamz Of U



A transmission both sonically and emotionally imbued with "Deep Heart". Junior Loves implores you to transgress body image and/or language via energy bonds, forged in a celestial furnace of passion. We see no horizon, and so simply ask you to grow, love and share in the caress of liquid time flowing backwards over your skin.

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  • Max404-Not if I see you first
  • Psyche-Neurotic Behaviour
  • Leo Anibaldi-Block One (Part two)
  • Gedankenexperiment-Conclusion
  • Scientific Dreamz of U-Dreamz of a Psychick Europe
  • Carlos Peron-Nothing is True: Everything is Permitted
  • Extramartial Escapade-Last Chance
  • Spooky-Thai
  • Scientific Dreamz of U-Disintegration Rhythm (Spook Factory dub)
  • Front 242-Rhythm of Time (The Victor the Cleaner Mix)
  • In Aeturnam Vale-Valium Water