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Musical hijinks brought to you by Richard Greenan of Kit Records. Tropical hangover tonics, forgotten ethnic jams and feel-good pop wonk. Old, new, borrowed, blue.

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  • Amanda Feery & Michael Tanner-Squarepushers
  • Devonanon-Beaulie
  • The Beach Boys-Day in the Life of a Tree
  • Derek Piotr-Sound
  • Midget !-Rhapsodie
  • Dices + Aem-Rhythm Cascade
  • Dominique Dumont-Un Jour Avec Yusef
  • Rexy-Don't Turn Me Away
  • Ela Orleans-The Season
  • Daniel Baker-Feeding Dad Pills in a Bad Dream
  • Object Agency-The Bed is my Office
  • Edwin Morgan-In the Snack-bar
  • You + Your D. Metal Friend-Sonnier 3
  • AHRKH-Channeling
  • Anna Homler & Steve Moshier-Gu She' Na' Di
  • Susan Alcorn-O Sacrum Convivium
  • rkss-When Make Feel You
  • Gavin Prior-Little Laurie
  • After Dinner-Paradaisu (Imada Kuufuku) / Terre Thaemlitz
  • Jonathan Richman-The Fenway
  • Chris Cohen-Torrey Pine
  • Bob Dylan-Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
  • Joni Mitchell-The Jungle Line
  • Kurt Vile-Red Apples for Tom Scharpling
  • Don Cherry-Brown Rice
  • Fairport Convention-Autopsy
  • Ardo Dombec-Open The Door, Open Your Mind