Kristina Records - Detroit Techno Special



Kristina Records is a vinyl only record shop on Stoke Newington Road, they sell new records, they sell already loved records, and they’re here to play us the best minimal, the best house, disco, and tech.

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  • Reese & Santonio-The Sound
  • E-Dancer - Power Bass
  • Rhythim Is Rhythim-The Dance
  • Blake Baxter-When We Used To Play
  • World 2 World-Cosmic Traveller
  • Clark-Christo
  • Walt J-Untitled
  • Yennek-Serena X (inner Zone Mix)
  • Infiniti-Sunlight
  • Drexciya-Black Sea
  • Suburban Knight-The Groove
  • Blake Baxter-When A Thought Becomes u
  • Polartronics-The Deep
  • Octave One-I Believe
  • B.F.C.-The Climax
  • Yennek-Without
  • Walt J-Untitled
  • Shake-For The Lamented
  • A Relic-Longer Than Long Ago
  • Shifted Phases-Lonely Journey Of The Comet Bopp
  • Reel By Real-Surkit
  • Scan 7-Black Moon Rising
  • Shake-Breathe Deeper
  • Infiniti-Think Quick
  • Model 500-Starlight