Latete Atoto



latete_atoto is Kristina and Chloé. They live in London and play records from a collection expansive and vast – from coldwave synths to cosmic dub and bare-bones post-punk; they can make you dance, they can make you cry, or they can melt gently into the background...

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  • Psychic TV-The Orchids
  • 10th Planet-Solid Space
  • Gino Soccio-Dancer
  • Telex-Rendezvous Dans L'Espace
  • To Rococo Rot-Bells
  • David Bowie-A New Career in a New Town
  • Gal Costa-Tuareg
  • New Gatanga Sound-Thoni Na Caki
  • Margot-My Sisters
  • Os Mutantes-Panis Et Circenses
  • Ata Kak-DaaNyinaa
  • 1990's-Diabo