Launette's Hour w/ Laura Coxeter



Up with the Lark! Launette takes time out from her day job as a chocolatier to play from her treasured vinyl collection. She will also be joined from time to time by carefully chosen guests. Happy Sunday!

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  • Hysear Don Walker-Poo Jo
  • Les McCann-Morning Song
  • Cal Tjader & Eddie Palmieri-El Sonido Nuevo
  • Cal Tjader-Curacao
  • Leon Ware-Miracles
  • Instant Funk-Can You See Where I’m Coming From?
  • Willie Colon-Quimbambo
  • La Clave-Who You Fooling?
  • Linda Tillery-Heaven Is In Your Mind
  • Curtis Mayfield-Never Stop Loving Me
  • Ndugu & The Chocolate Jam Co.-Take SomeTime
  • Natural Essence-Variation On Last Night
  • James Vincent-You’ll Be Right There
  • Adrian Gurvitz-Untouchable And Free
  • Junior Mendes-Copacabana Sadia