Public Order w/ Ayel



Predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats, Lawson Benn’s monthly Public Order show takes in jungle, blunted sonics, techno and various other UK & outernational mutations along the way.

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  • Shackleton-Massacre
  • Prostitutes-Lovers Run Camp Africa
  • Acre-Icon
  • Spaces-In Wait
  • Tessela-Darlene, Please
  • Bloom-Cold Grip
  • Acre-Blue Moon
  • Parris-Pressure
  • Kowton-Jam01 (Beneath Remix)
  • Cheval-Tank
  • B£ams-Song For PKD
  • The Family Stand-Ghetto Heaven (The Remix)
  • Loose Ends-Don’t Be A Fool
  • Nicolette-School Of The World
  • Nicolette-Unknown
  • Code 071-A London Something
  • Internal Affairs-Hands To Heaven
  • Rogue Unit-Jam
  • Roger Johnson-One On One
  • Bounty Killaz-Do It Now
  • Tom & Jerry-Still Lets Me Down
  • Dillinja & Clark E-Sax Into The Night
  • Tek 9-Dem A Gwan Like Dem Know Badness
  • Lee Gamble-Dollis Hill